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This curriculum guide presents, for educators a variety of options, in a multidisciplinary approach, to promote active participation, by young adults, to the goals presented in this musical. They include; entertainment (pets display human behaviors while attempt to solve difficulties) and educational to identify the many options available for responsible conflict resolution, based on differences, and reducing the negative impact when “Bad Things' happen to individuals. 

Windywoo and Her Naughty Naughty Pets is a multi-dimensional musical story involving the; differences, challenges, conflicts, support teams, and resolutions to events all individuals have or will encounter in their lifetime as they attempt to reach their personal goals.  This guide builds upon the theatrical story by establishing sequential steps to create resolutions to personal conflicts and establishing the many viable options available as an individual diligently working to achieve the life goals they have set for themselves.

Dr. Nicholas J. Cerullo (Author Windywoo Educator's Curriculum Guide) educational career is approaching sixty years of interactions with learners’ grades K - 13 involving the development and implementation of challenging problem-solving experiences. Dr. Cerullo received a BA from Seton Hall University, MA from New York University, and a MED, Ed.D. from Columbia University, Teachers College. He is a recipient of Two Federal Fellowships at the University of California, Berkeley and Seattle Pacific College. Throughout his educational career he has been involved with and or created experiences and programs such as; Ecology, Gifted and Talented, Tutorial for SAT Examinations in Biology and Chemistry, Students Against Drunk Driving, Outdoor Education, We Care, Time Out Talk It Out, Conflict Resolution, Science Coordinator and Director of District Grants. He has served as Chairperson of the North Castle Landmarks Preservation Committee and has a listing in the National Register of Historic Places. His research papers include co-author of “North Castle's Response to Lincoln's Call for Volunteers”, “Letters from Grandma Shaw”, and “Life and Times of a Union Civil War Officer, Journal of a POW”. His background also includes biochemical research in the identification of a new antibiotic chemical at American Cyanamid. He has been married to Frances M. Cerullo and has three children.